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What's the Difference?

What are the differences among an Ambassador, a Partner, and an Affiliate?

An Ambassador...

  • Will build a personal relationship with the brand (and community) by signing up.
  • Gets a personalized promo code for discounts and receives a percentage of each item sold using their audience's promoted code.
  • Has a responsibility to advertise any and all of their purchases (and gifts) via social media with the brand's tags & mentions, as well as any relevant ones.
  • With no contract involved, doesn't need the #ad and #sponsored tags in captions. Post on your own timing, as a true fan of the brand, keeping the promotions organic and flowing with your channel.

A Partner, on the other hand, is strictly in it for profit (and scaling/growth). They can be...

  • Social Media Influencer. These don't always have a blue check, but have at least a couple thousand (usually more) followers. They...
    1. Upload #ad and #sponsored posts regularly, encouraging their followers to purchase a product from the brand.
    2. Are typically paid on (a large) retainer (one-time payment) and are contracted to post any types of media-related content (on any platforms agreed upon).
  • An established (trademarked or registered business) brand, trying to get their name out there. You can sign up here. These brands advertise by...
    1. Collaborating with other brands--who are typically not in any sort of competition with them--enabling both brands to grow & profit together.
    2. Reaching out to Influencers, sending them free product (with contractual cash) in return for posts and/or videos.


    Thanks for reading through! I hope this helps clear some confusion, whether you're interesting in repping us, or you have dreams of applying to your dream Ambassador Program but didn't quite know which route to take.