The Joyce Choice

The Joyce Choice is a Wedding Planning company based out of South Florida, just south of Sarasota. The Joyce Choice travels all along the Tampa Bay area and anywhere else they may be needed.

Cara Moriarty Photography

Cara Moriarty Photography is the official brand photographer for Before the Hitch. Cara Moriarty's style is fresh, light, and fun. She makes ordinary photos look amazing and she can do the same for yours.


Are all of your items made in USA?

It is very important to us that everything we sell is American, as we do not support the international, sweat shop movement. Even though this means either increasing product price or taking a major cut on profit, we are able to bypass any international tariffs that we may otherwise face. Everything we sell is at least manufactured and designed/printed in USA, increasing shipping speeds and quality for our customers. :-) 

Why did I receive two shipping/shipment confirmation emails?

By default, our suppliers always email you when the product(s) leave the design facility, in case you did not put a box together (meaning they are being shipped directly to you), otherwise it's a heads up to you that the items are being sent to warehouse for box assembly.

When will international shipping be available?

We currently only ship to the continental United States. Since we are just launching, we have a lot of upgrades to add to our store. This is something we are working quickly to fulfill with our legal team. Sign up here to be the first to know of this launch.

Can I ship to multiple locations/Bridesmaids in one order?

Not at this time. Since we are just launching, we have a lot of upgrades to add to our store. This is something we are working quickly to fulfill. Sign up here to be the first to know of this launch.

Do you make a Maid of Honor box as well as your Bridesmaids box?

Yes! The Bridesmaid Box is defaulted, but that is an option on the drop-down menu of the product page.

Jobs and careers. Are you hiring?

Not immediately, but hopefully by the end of the year we will be ready to interview for a remote team. Positions that could entail are such as an Operations Manager, Product & Web Designers, Legal, Books, Customer Service, etc... and we are always seeking more Teammates to join us.


Need to get in touch?

Tap that little chat icon on the bottom right, or email us at Our support team is quick to respond.